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Virgo 2016 Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Virgo - Major Trends in 2016

As most Virgos have their head firmly screwed-on(rogue fantasists do exist), with their feet equally firmly on the floor, lucky breaks don’t figure large in your sign’s outlook. Instead, Virgos incline to the view of moviemaker Sam Goldwyn: ‘The harder I work the luckier I get’.

As with Gemini, the past ten years have been all about dealing with change – sudden, dramatic, personal earthquake kind of change – and learning to deal with the fear and insecurity that this brings. When something happens a couple of times we can chalk it up to coincidence. But when something keeps happening over and over, there is something behind it. You were like the major league ball player who had trouble hitting the curve ball. So, naturally, when the opposing team saw that, all the player ever got was curve balls. He had no option but to learn to hit the curve ball. Once he mastered the art, he didn’t see too many more of them. Your curve ball was change and insecurity. Change kept coming and coming, until it ceased to ruffle you, until you actually became comfortable with it. Now that you are comfortable with it, the activity abates. You won’t have to deal with this kind of phenomenon for another 20 years or so.

In June 2013 Jupiter moved into your 11th house of friends and is there for the first half of 2016. So the year ahead is a strong social year. You have met – and will meet – new and important friends. Your social circle is very much expanded now. You are enjoying your friends and they you. This expansion of the social circle continues until July 16. Be bold and outgoing as this is what Jupiter in your 11th house is telling you to do, Virgo. The sky is the limit as far as opportunities for pursuing your personal and social ambitions are concerned. But don’t overdo it! Know the difference between coming over as being confident, or looking to others as being a show-off.

Things began to stabilize for you in 2011 as Uranus left its stressful aspect to you; 2011 was easier than 2010, and 2012 was easier than 2013. This year, 2016, is slightly challenging, but a piece of cake compared to 2008–2010. Everything is relative. Uranus spent a lot of time – over seven years – in your 7th house of love. Thus the love life has been highly unstable. Many a divorce or break up took place from 2003 to 2010. Things are much calmer now and relationships have a much better chance of enduring now and in the coming years. In March 2011 Neptune made a major move into your 7th house and the whole love life is becoming more refined, elevated and spiritualized.

You’re the perfectionist of the zodiac, the one who attempts to make every experience something so perfect that it will shine like a jewel in memory. You quickly discover that this shine is not endemic to every jewel and that life isn’t that perfect either. But hey, you’re actually an optimist—something you won’t find in most descriptions of your sign, which seem to equate Virgo with the kiss of death. You really desire life to be a fairy tale, in some form or other, and if you’re persistent, which many of you are, you’ll gradually learn that you’re the script-writer of your life. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, a fellow earth sign, should be beneficial for you—profound and transformative but beneficial. Your love life, your creativity, your relationship with your children, if you have any, and everything you do for fun and pleasure will be vastly changed by 2024. You might argue, justifiably so, that change is inevitable over the course of the next thirteen years. But with Pluto, the change is deep and irrevocable. Pluto in Capricorn urges you to explore in a focused, directed way the parameters of your creativity, your worldview and spiritual beliefs, your romantic expectations and needs in personal relationships. And because Capricorn is involved in this equation, your career is part of the larger picture. What is it that you really want to do? Pluto brings personal power and an awareness of your own place in the universe. Heady stuff, for sure. But you, Virgo, integrate this knowledge into who you are, how you act, and what you think. You figure out that our realities are a reflection of our deepest beliefs, that we create our lives from the inside out.

Now that Saturn has moved out of your money house (in October 2012) you should feel an immediate increase in earning power. Finances are lot easier this year than last. Communications, however you understand the term, are under emphasis throughout the year, thanks to Saturn’s residency in the talk-talk zone of your ‘scope, one that includes blogging, Tweeting, publishing, lecturing or landing a gig announcing traffic updates on the radio. Such involvements open doors for you between July and November. Since the power of the word (written or spoken) is powerful in the latter half of 2016, choose what you say with care. If you are involved with education, project yourself with due gravitas. Research, analysis, strong points for many Virgos, yield impressive results. If you have siblings, assess carefully how much it is appropriate to lean on them or ask for their support - with Saturn in residence it looks conditional. Saturn in Scorpio, in your communication zone, draws attention to community and neighbourhood involvements. It could therefore be that you will be faced with conflicting loyalties up until the end of June when your links with community and voluntary work will distract you at times from taking full advantage of opportunities that come your way at work.

With Neptune in your opposite sign, Pisces, and Pluto in your creative zone, you might notice your outlook undergoing a very subtle change in 2016. You aren’t just thinking about yourself but you will also make decisions in terms of how other people might be affected by your choices. You will often try to imagine the consequences of your decisions before letting others know what you are thinking. Handling significant others – spouses, lovers, ex’s, bridge partners, enemies – looks a tangled affair over the ensuing couple of months, such is the weight of planets in opposition from your complimentary sign of Pisces. Whoever you find yourself facing, expect a degree of intransigence and, perhaps, insincerity. The key strategy here is to keep communications clear and unambiguous, and to set boundaries. Neptune, representing both glamour and confusion, promises some enticing links, notably for birthdays between September 1-6, though you might usefully ask a friend to give their own assessment of any seductive arrivals - as the old song says, ‘smoke gets in your eyes’. Are you getting Neptune the elegant musician or Neptune the drink-friendly schmoozer?

Your areas of greatest interest in 2016 are: communication and intellectual interests; children, creativity and leisure activities; love and romance; sex, occult interests, personal reinvention and transformation, past lives and reincarnation; friends, groups and group activities (until July 16); spirituality (from July 16 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are communication and intellectual interests; friends, groups and group activities (until July 16); spirituality (from July 16 onwards).