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Taurus 2016 Horoscope

Horoscope 2016 for Taurus

2016 Horoscope Taurus - Major Trends in 2016

You can consider the New Year as a benchmark to let you show your real potential and understand the priorities in your life. Last year, 2013, was basically a good year. The long-term planets were not stressing you out and were mostly friendly towards you.

Taurus 2016 Horoscope: Tests and Responsibilities in 2016 (The influence of transiting Saturn):
Late in the year 2012, in October, Saturn moved into Scorpio and into stressful alignment with you. Those of you born later in the sign will feel it more intensely in 2016. So, there is more resistance now. This stress is not enough to cause failure, but it does slow you down a bit. Your energy needs to be watched and there is more resistance to your goals.

SATURN’S AGENDA FOR YOU IN 2016 couldn’t be clearer: start the year as you intend to finish it, keep a steady pace throughout, remaining impervious to any squalls that blow your way, and not becoming over-excited by spells of good fortune. Be the best Bull you can be: cautious but productive, generous but financially practical. Saturn’s move into Scorpio was also a move into your 7th house of love and social activities. Current marriages or serious kinds of relationships are getting a good testing; business partnerships too. In general there is less social activity in the year ahead. With Saturn in opposition throughout the year, the first requirement is that you play the long game and have a plan in place. Saturn (Kronos to the Greeks) is about time, and you are likely to be dealing with issues and relationships set in motion 1999-2000, when the taskmaster planet was in your sign. In part, 2016 represents the karmic pay-off from the last 15 years. Happily, Saturn’s demands accord with much of the Taurean character, a call for hard-headed realism and unremitting effort. The Bull can do both. Since Saturn also represents authority figures – the establishment in general and the patriarchy in particular – expect a few tussles with mean-spirited bosses and corporate conformists. Be prepared to tick boxes to satisfy them, and in semi- social situations opt for formality and restraint ahead of sporting your jade-green kimono or raffish blazer (don’t fret, they get their airing, along with your most carefree side). Be prepared to take on more responsibility. Don’t shy away from big, scary projects – they pay you back amply in the long run. This is the classical transit of “Saturn in opposition”, but this definition is just a media trivialization. In your case, you are in a long phase of reflection, a useful time to clarify your real needs, first to yourself and then to others, in order to feel deeply satisfied with the choices you made in the past. You will find the right stimuli to put an end to faded relationships (both in the sentimental and professional sphere); they won’t make sense any more to you or the other person, since you have stubbornly dragged on a bond due to your sense of duty and a certain feeling of guilt, which often obsesses you when you have to face a separation. So you should know that continuing a useless relationship is not worth it.

Yet the year isn’t all about Saturn. You will eventually get rid of the superfluous, especially in autumn, when a new phase will begin and extend to the next year; you will feel the need to rationalize several aspects of your life, avoid wasting your energy in situations which have turned into dead branches you must cut off once and for all. Try to not to look elsewhere for what you already hold in your hands and maximize the resources you command or can easily manage. They will give you excellent results, certainly much better than you would expect.

Taurus Horoscope 2016: Spirituality, Idealism and Creativity in 2016 (The influence of transiting Neptune):
Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, made a major move into your 11th house of friends last year. He will be there for another 13 or so years, and so this is a long-term trend. Your social sphere, your friendships are getting spiritualized and more refined. You will be attracting more spiritual types into your life as a result.

Horoscope 2016 Taurus: Radical Changes in 2016 (The influence of transiting Uranus)
In March of 2011 Uranus made a major move into your 12th house of spirituality and will be there for another five years or so – another long-term trend. Uranus is your career planet, thus this transit has important implications in your career which we will discuss later on. Mostly though, it indicates dramatic, radical change in your inner, spiritual life. Taureans are basically traditional, conservative people, but not in spiritual matters now. You are experimental and scientific now. You are changing teachers, regimes and practices, probably multiple times. Those of you who have never been involved in spirituality will probably get involved this year or in coming years. Those of you already on the path will be changing that path. There is much ferment and upheaval in this area of life. There is also much upheaval in charitable or altruistic organizations that you are involved with. You are a hard worker and you have a gift for organisation. With Uranus in your private zone, it is more likely that you will be found in positions and professions behind-the-scenes. Combine this with Neptune in your social zone, however, and vocations like marriage guidance counselling, social work, nursing and medicine could prove to be satisfying choices if you are thinking of a change of career.

Horoscope 2016 Taurus: Deep Transformations in 2016 (The influence of transiting Pluto)
You’re known for your resoluteness, your ability to finish what you start, for your stubbornness and fixed opinions. But you’re also known for your sensuality and that sensuality extends to all things—sex, foods, art, music, the entire spectrum of human experience. In your solar chart, Pluto in Capricorn changes your worldview at profound and irrevocable levels. If, for instance, you were brought up in a household that adhered to traditional religious views, then you may become, during this long transit, the complete opposite. A Buddhist, a Sufi, a spiritualist, an agnostic, an atheist. Another area that will undergo transformation is your attitudes or beliefs about foreigners, foreign countries, the global economy. Let’s say that you grew bitter during the years that Pluto was in Sagittarius—1995 to 2008. You lived through Clinton to Bush to Obama and witnessed 9/11 and the terrible divisiveness that grew in this country. Maybe your beliefs went from one extreme to another, or you were among the fortunate few who found a middle ground with which you could live. Well, now you begin to understand the true meaning of a Pluto transit to your ninth house. Your beliefs must be your own—not those you’ve adopted from parents, teachers, friends. Your philosophy during this transit will be evolving, changing, becoming more holistic, more integrated into who you are. Other areas that may go through change: publishing, higher education, professional goals, your attitude and beliefs about the law. If you’re self- employed, your product or services could expand to overseas markets, and you’ll reap the benefits. Pluto’s transit is apt to bring travel abroad too, but not for the usual reasons. You may be on a quest of some kind, trying to fulfill a need you may not fully understand. Ashram? Yoga retreat? A second home in a country that is the focus of your soul?

With regard to your health, try to avoid any kind of excess (food in particular), especially in the first half of the year. Otherwise, your body might be affected, by suffering from little problems related to your metabolism and a possible weight gain, which would then be hard to lose.

Your most important areas of interest this year are communication and intellectual interests (until July 16); home and family (from July 16 onwards); love and social activities; religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education; friends, groups, group activities, organizations; and spirituality.

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