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Taurus Love Horoscope 2016

Major Changes Due in Your Close Relationship—Decision Time Is Approaching

If you had hoped your relationship could stay as it is now, that's unlikely. In 2016 you will need to do more with it, and likely commit to it and learn about the joys and responsibilities that come as part of a close relationship. Compromise is often at the heart of coupling up, but you may be surprised to learn that it's not always a 50-50 proposition. There will be times that you will need to carry more of the relationship, and other times when your partner will do that for you.
Whenever Saturn is in a house of the horoscope, it's an immediate signal that times are changing. Any area of your chart that looked so settled and unchanging is due for some radical shifts once  From October 2012, when Saturn entered your partnership house, Saturn's job is for us to take on more responsibility, which so often happens when we are making a rite of passage. Decisions and actions that only a year ago were beyond you now will look possible. When Saturn comes to your seventh house, you may either commit to your partner or break up. Saturn's ultimate goal is to see that you live a productive life, so if there is no future in this alliance, Saturn will make this clear to you now.

In 2016 a large measure of your personal growth will stem from your decision to make a commitment with a personal and business partner, to collaborate fully in that union. Saturn takes 29 years to circle the zodiac, and once he does enter a certain area of your chart, he has to be sure that the lessons you learn are vivid enough to last you at least 29 years into the future, until he will have time to come back and give you a refresher course.
You may now decide to get serious about marriage, or if you are already married or in a committed relationship, you may choose to make a significant sacrifice to benefit your partner. Saturn is famous for teaching lessons, but this would be one you would do willingly, to show your love, or in the case of business, the depth of your commitment to that person.
For example, if your partner gets a great new job offer in another city, you might give up your job so that your mate can take the position and move there. Or you might decide to take a temporary second job to see that your partner gets the expensive medical procedure he or she needs. Things like that happen when Saturn is in the seventh house.
Another type of learning experience may be that you are better able to judge whether you can trust your proposed mate or business partner to deliver on his or her promises. Sometimes, when we don't know someone well and form an alliance quickly, we fail to see character traits and conditions that we should have seen before we rushed into that alliance. Or, we fall in love and make erroneous assumptions that we should have checked at the onset. To avoid this outcome, know your partner well before you make any big moves. Saturn won't prevent happiness, but he will teach you how to make good decisions. Make sure that the learning process is not a painful one.
Saturn acts like an anchor, so you may find that suddenly you want to marry and feel settled. You may feel ready to have a home and family of your own. Your choice of partner may be someone older than you (by, say, ten years or so) or who acts in a mature way and therefore seems older. You seem to be looking for your "rock" that you can depend on and with whom you can build your future life. Loyalty, devotion, and responsibility will be qualities you prize in a partner.
Conversely, Saturn sometimes brings on a feeling of fear, so you may be afraid to commit, and you may even deliberately end or slow a relationship's pace to give you time to think. If you are not sure that your partner is for you, you are right to take all the time you need to meditate about this relationship.
Sometimes Saturn brings enforced separations, some by choice, but others through no fault of your own. Your mate or established partner may need to travel a lot for work or may be attending the university at night, and you may have to keep yourself busy without having your partner near while this phase is in effect. These are just two examples of many possibilities.
Married Taurus may find they go through a rocky patch in their marriage (or in a business partnership) where compatibility becomes a challenge. If you feel there is no hope, you may break up, but if you feel there is reason to save this union, you will both become committed to finding the answer. There are no right or wrong answers here, only ones that seem right for you.
I will emphasize that you may not feel the influence of Saturn in regard to your romantic relationship, but rather in a business way, when you take on a business partner or other expert, such as an agent or manager. You may find this person to add a measure of experience and insight that you don't have and that you need. That is what collaboration is all about—everyone contributes the talents that complement yours.
The success of any partnership is always within the heart and attitude of the two people making the commitment. The more serious each is about fulfilling his or her responsibilities, the more likely the partnership will work out well.

You will only feel Saturn strongly when he is within ten degrees of your Sun, not during the entire period. Admittedly, Saturn opposed to the Sun is draining, therefore you will need to take very good care of yourself.
If you do make a commitment while Saturn tours your seventh house, your alliance would likely stay in place for a very long time. Saturn is the planet of longevity. There is no reason to expect problems—think good thoughts!
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