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Scorpio 2016 Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Scorpio - Major Trends in 2016

Unlike maritime Cancer and super-soaked Pisces, it’s easy to overlook that Scorpio is a water sign. After all, the Scorpion is a creature of hot deserts. The Phoenix, another Scorpio symbol, likewise arrives in fire. Nonetheless, Scorpio is one corner of the zodiac’s emotionally driven water triangle, its passions flowing deep and dark - the ocean depths are part of Scorpio’s domain, along with misty swamps and dank fens.

In October 2012 Saturn moved into your own sign and will be there until December 2016. This shows that you are taking on more responsibility, more burdens. You have a need to be more serious about life. Saturn in Scorpio will challenge you and with Uranus in your career zone, you might feel particularly up in the air at times, where your work and career schedules are concerned. You need to prepare yourself for setbacks and for increasing responsibilities as this is very much a part of Saturn’s theme. But never lose hope or give up because Saturn always brings rewards for work that has been well done and Saturn’s rewards aren’t fleeting ones. They tend to be substantial and long-lasting even if sometimes they seem late in arriving!. Health will be good, but more delicate than last year. In 2016 Saturn asks you to plumb your emotional depths and exhibit Scorpio’s intensity, commitment and resilience. Over 2016 you can grow as an individual and leave your mark on the outside world - hard work, to which Scorpios are not averse, pays you back tenfold in the long term. If you want to go in for a spot of phoenix-from-the-flames transformation, Saturn will help you regenerate. Saturn is not the planet of the light touch, as October birthdays may already have discovered, along with 1983 and 1954 birthdays, who are simultaneously on their respective first and second ‘Saturn Return’. Saturn represents a reality check, a point of karmic reckoning, when decisions you made seven, fifteen and 29 years back return – have they worked out? If not, you may choose to cut your losses and embark on a different course. Home and career shifts coincide strongly with Saturn transits and when taking action on these, the second half of this year is crucial. Relationships also correspond strongly with the Saturn cycle of beginnings and endings.

Events will move fast during the first half of the year while Jupiter is in your 9th house. Where Saturn is the Lord of Necessity, Jupiter is the Lord of Possibility – you have to be shrewd about where your advantage lies. While Saturn has you ‘under heavy manners’ (i.e. best behaviour), Jupiter gives you buoyancy and free air miles, or a holiday with meaning. There is a strong chance of travel or you will be communicating regularly with people from overseas. At times you won’t know whether you are coming or going but you will enjoy the exciting atmosphere. You will be kept on the move mentally and physically for a lot of the time especially during the first half of the year. After June there’s an increasing emphasis on your profession when you could be offered a job you hadn’t expected to get. Or a promotion in your existing line of business will encourage you to take a positive approach to your future.

Ever since Pluto, the Lord of Scorpio Horoscope, entered your 3rd house of communication in 2008, communication and intellectual interests have been important. You are into learning and teaching, expanding your knowledge and sharing it with others. Now with the ruler of the 3rd house in your own sign, these interests are even stronger and seem very successful in the year ahead. It’s a very nice period for writers, journalists or teachers. Students below college level have good fortune in their studies now. The mind is sharp, learning goes well. As the most emotionally intense and psychic sign of the zodiac, little escapes you. You’re the type who walks into a room filled with strangers, your psychic antennae twitch a couple times, and you’re immediately in-undated with a flow of intuitive information about the people around you. This can happen on a conscious or unconscious level, but either way, you’ll find whatever you need to know to work the room. Or the entire conference. Or the university. Or the world. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn will benefit you. Earth (Capricorn) mixes with water (your sign). This transit occurs in your solar third house of communication, your daily conscious world, your neighborhood and community, your relationships with relatives. It impacts how you communicate. Even though you often hold back, maintaining your own space, your own counsel, you certainly don’t mince words once the dam opens. And with Pluto moving through the communication sector, you’re primed for change, bottom lines, investigation and research, and psychic development. During this transit, your relationship with your siblings will change considerably. If there has been injury in these relationships, you have a chance to heal the relationship. If there has been misunderstanding, you have an opportunity to put things right again. If you want to move from your current neighborhood, you have opportunities to do that too. The point with this Pluto transit is that you become aware of how powerful you are as an individual, and that if you wield this power in a judicious way, so that everyone around you benefits, you win the day. During this transit, it’s important that you heed any and all synchronicities that you experience. These events are signposts of intuitive guidance—messages from the universe that you’re on the right path

In 2012, Neptune made a major (once in 14 years) move, into your 5th house of children and fun, and will be there for the long term. Personal creativity will be unusually good. You need to be alert for the inspiration that is pouring down upon you continuously. It also makes Scorpios of child-bearing age much more fertile than usual, especially after June 27.

Your major interests in 2016 are: the body, image and personal pleasures; communication and intellectual interests; children, creativity and leisure activities; religion, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel (until July 16); career(from July 16 onwards); health and work.

Your paths of the greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are the body, image and personal pleasure; sex, religion, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel (until July 16); career(from July 16 onwards).