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Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Sagittarius - Major Trends in 2016

Unlike most zodiac signs, your symbol is a mythological being, the Centaur, a creature that alternates between earthy equine pleasures and lofty philosophising. Whether they are being wild horse or fearless thinker, Sagittarians do not like confinement - the impulse to explore new frontiers is strong. Hence Sagittarius’ association with aviation and science fiction, as reflected by Sags like Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Spielberg and other artists who artists who spurn boundaries. Yet in the second half of 2016 , boundar ies confront you, specifically those between you and significant others, be they spouses, lovers, ex’s, tennis partners or business buddies.

After eight or so years of intense stress, of challenge, disruptions, psychological earthquakes and insecurity, 2012 and 2013 were like a picnic in the park. It’s as if you had paid your dues to life and now you are an accepted member. No need anymore to deal with the previous challenges. Many of the other signs – Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – had the opposite phenomenon. They are facing what you have already faced. Previously they were coasting and you were struggling. Now it’s the other way round. Because you have gone through many, many tests, you are now in a position to help others go through them. The cosmos was not punishing you. It was actually making you ready for real love (which happens last year) and for the role you are to play in life. The Olympic athlete probably doesn’t enjoy the gruelling – and often painful – training schedule. It is only when it is time to compete that he or she recognizes the value of it. Many of you were pushed to the edge, but happily you were not pushed over it.

Jupiter, planet of expansion will be in your 8th house of investment and property during the first half of the year 2016 . You might see benefits coming through the sale of property or as past investments come to fruition. An inheritance might also provide you with money and this is something you had not expected to come your way.

On July 16 2016 Jupiter will move in Leo, into your 9th house. This is a transit which could bring benefits of a more adventurous and enlightening nature. Travel, overseas connections, getting involved in further education or studying a religious/philosophical subject that fascinates you are all possibilities towards the end of the year. This is another wonderful aspect for students, but here it affects those at college or university level. It shows success in their studies and in gaining entrance to the right courses. There will be foreign travel after July 16. The opportunities are coming.

Health is much, much improved since 2013. You have your normal vim, vigour and vitality. With more energy at your disposal, more possibilities open to you. Hitherto impossible things are now eminently doable. This spells success in the year ahead.

In 2016 you will start to realise the value of your home and family and appreciate how much certain people in your life really mean to you. With Uranus in your love-zone, there will also be the chance of romance and having fun, although nothing in this area will be predictable. Neptune in your home and family zone suggests that you might feel a powerful impulse to take up some creative pastime that will be carried out in the seclusion of your home. It may even be that in the future you will find this pastime has a commercial outlet and could well form a second string to your financial bow. What you need to guard against is that your private interests or family responsibilities become an excuse to keep you away from other happenings in your community or social life. With you spending more time on your own, you might find that pastimes that don’t involve other people or keep you to yourself such as computer games, spending more time on your computer or social networking where you interact with others on-line but not face-to-face become an escape from reality. You should also guard against a tendency to over-indulge in alcohol.

Pluto – the cosmic detoxer – has been in your money house for some years now and will be there in the year ahead. So there is a need to purify the financial life, eliminate waste and inefficiencies and, most importantly, negative financial attitudes. You’re the life of every party; you have a vast network of friends and acquaintances. People genuinely enjoy your company and the diversity of your intellect. You enjoy travel, the more exotic the better, and can talk with ease about the places you’ve been. You’re a storehouse of information. Pluto’s journey through Capricorn and your solar second house will impact your values and your finances. There will be opportunities to structure your finances in such a way so that you accumulate money. Perhaps you’ll learn to pay yourself first from every paycheck. Or you might decide to invest in land, property, or precious metals like gold and silver. It will be important to you that the way you earn your living is in line with your beliefs. If you’re antiwar, for example, then you won’t be working at the Pentagon! Or for a corporation that profits from war. If you’ve gone green, you won’t be working for an oil company. Pluto’s job is to transform at profound levels, so if there are lessons you need to learn about money, you’ll learn them during this transit. If you’re a profligate spender, Pluto will tighten the financial reins. If you believe that money is good (as opposed to the belief that money is the root of all evil), then Pluto will bring you more money. It’s a black-and-white world with this little powerhouse of a planet, and you’ll quickly learn that what comes around goes around. Work with your deepest beliefs during this transit. Be positive. Nurture what Esther and Jerry Hicks call “rampaging appreciation” so that Pluto brings you even more to appreciate!

Saturn is in Scorpio all year, sequestered in the zone of your chart where you find inner communion and offer up selfless service, themes strong in May and November. Whether that means caring for an elderly relative or taking yourself off to a monastery/nunnery for a break remains to be discovered.

You have many areas of interest this year – Sagittarius heaven. On the one hand, this is good as you get bored very easily. You need to have many projects in progress, so when you get bored with one you can go to another. However, the danger (as always) is dispersing your energy in too many directions. Success requires focus.

Your main areas of interest this year are finance; home and family; children, creativity and leisure activities; sex, personal transformation and reinvention, occult interests, death and rebirth, life after death (until July 16); religion, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel (from July 16 onwards); spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are sex, personal transformation and reinvention, occult interests, death and rebirth, life after death (until July 16); religion, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel (from July 16 onwards); and spirituality.