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Libra 2016 Horoscope

Libra Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Libra - Major Trends in 2016

The Libran scales represent several things; good judgment, social poise, exquisite taste, fair play, justice and peace. In practice of course, those scales are rarely at equilibrium; even a small imbalance can set them swinging wildly. Libra and moodswings? It’s been known! Themes of fair play and justice figure large in your horoscope in the first half of 2016. Just outcomes to relationship problems must be found, and your social idealism channelled (like fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini, Libra has a humanitarian streak).

The raw ore probably doesn’t enjoy the smelting process too much. The heat is beyond all endurance. Yet, the final product is a pure metal. Everyone with high aspirations goes through crucible-type years, and the higher the aspiration, the more intense the crucible will be. The past two years were like that. Perhaps you thought that you were being pushed over the limit, but this was not the case. The Higher Power and his agents, the planetary forces, are intelligent. Every ordeal is carefully measured. Just enough heat is applied to do the job and not an iota more. These ordeals were not punishments as you may have thought, nor bad luck. These were actually the answers to prayer. You wanted certain high things and in order to have them in a proper way these testings were necessary. Certain psychological impurities had to be melted away. Only the crucible experience can bring this about. You see this now, but at the time it wasn’t that apparent.

Saturn, as you have doubtless observed, is a skinflint planet (though good work is always rewarded). With the taskmaster in occupation of your cash zone throughout 2016, a personal austerity programme is no bad idea.

In March 2011 Uranus entered your 7th house of love. Existing relationships were severely tested and many did not make it. Uranus will be here in 2016 and for another five years or so. Love is highly unstable. The whole social sphere is being dramatically changed. The spring Equinox arrives with a bang and quite likely a bolt of lightning. Relationships present past and future come up for intense scrutiny at this point, thanks to an incendiary planetary combination. The rams (of any sign) with whom you will be locking horns in spring look more than frisky – headbangers maybe. The combination of Mars and Prometheus on March is fierce and impatient, while the Libra’s full Moon – promises to put you on the spot; hog the limelight but keep out of confrontation’s way. Those in unavoidably adversarial conditions need to be at your most diplomatic during the Ram’s month – barter and compromise. The myth of Prometheus is about human emancipation – he was the immortal who gave humanity fire - and the relationship cycle that began in 2010 has a liberating quality. Prometheus/Uranus is disruptive of romances that have lost spark and generous in providing unexpected alternatives; fancy a wild fling with a renegade scientist, a flame-haired temptress or an Occupy activist? Even if you are staying put, a more experimental phase is underway – whatever it takes to put the balance right, remember.

Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, entered your 6th house of health in 2012. This is a positive development. You need to be focused more on health these days. But also it shows that you are exploring the abundant spiritual resources of health and energy. You are being shown how to tap into them and solve many problems.

You begin your year with Jupiter in your 10th house of career. So the career is going to blossom this year, each according to their stage in life. Jupiter, planet of expansion at the top of your chart during the first half of the year brings its beneficial influence to bear on your professional goals, your job and material welfare.

You’re the peacemaker of the zodiac—the one who dislikes confrontation, aggression, disharmony, war. You aren’t the type who draws lines in the sand and dares some abstract enemy to cross it. You aren’t, never were, and never will be a bully. Your soul gravitates toward beauty in the arts, music, theater, photography, literature. Ultimately, you seek balance and harmony, the very qualities that may elude you. As Pluto transits Capricorn and your solar fourth house, you will find that your home and family life, your domestic environment, undergo deep, transformative changes. You may start a family—or get divorced; you and your significant other buy a home or property together—or part ways; your parents find a path to independent living or move in with you. The idea here is that the choices are either/or, without nuances or gray areas. These possibilities are only that. The transit may unfold quite differently for you. The choices are difficult but you make them because you must. A move is possible under this transit. But then again, over a period of thirteen years, most of us might move once. Yet this move, if you make it, will be transformative. You might find the neighborhood, city, or country that speaks to your soul. You might meet your soul mate, if you haven’t already. There will be changes within your home life. While all of this is occurring, other indicators suggest expansiveness in your love life, creativity, with your children, and with what you do for fun and pleasure. In other words, astrology isn’t about just one transit, one influence, a singular energy. It’s about how all these energies mesh and interact with your birth chart. In the end, Libra, you’re the one who chooses what’s right for you. You’re the one who creates your life—not the stars, not some amorphous influence somewhere—but you. That’s what Pluto’s transit through Capricorn teaches you.

Your financial priorities come into focus as Saturn in Scorpio travels through your 2nd house. Stick at it and your efforts to raise some capital or increase your income will be successful. Remember: patience is a virtue!

Your most important areas of interest this year are: finance; home and family; health and work; love and romance; religion, metaphysics, career (until July 16); friends, groups and group activities (from July 16 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are: finance; religion, metaphysics, career (until July 16); friends, groups and group activities (from July 16 onwards).