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Leo Money Horoscope 2016

Financially, things are looking up in a big way. Neptune is in your house of joint finances, from February 3, 2012. This planet has a double edge, so some Leo will benefit from this long trend, others will suffer from it, and still others may have a combination of both.
On the positive side, Neptune may help you make good money from artistic ventures while it toured your house of joint finances. If you are an artist, you might doing well selling artwork or working as a composer or choreographer, for example. This would be a good way to use Neptune's influence.
On the other hand, if you were to see Neptune's other side, you are left trying to cope with a fog of confusion in regard to financial matters someone near have caused, such as to obliterate information, perhaps to conceal important data from you. Of course, when it comes to information about finances, less is not more. That type of manifestation from Neptune would have hard to impossible to tolerate.
The part of your chart that is affected, your eighth house, rules money that you receive as commission, bonus, loan, lines of credit, inheritance, pension, child support, alimony, divorce and court settlements, insurance payouts, and similar funding. This area already may have brought you difficulty from time to time.  When Neptune is spreading its fog, anything can happen. Demand that you get complete transparency with anyone with whom you partner and share funds. Be present in all discussions to prevent anyone from being duplicitous. Neptune will give you a completely new set of learning skills. By the end of Neptune's visit, you will be able to protect your finances, for you will see the loopholes and cracks that can exist.

With Saturn in such hard angle to your Sun, you may have found, or will find, that your mortgage had become burdensome or that a piece of property you wanted to sell did not bring suitable buyers. Saturn brings delays and the need for patience or, alternatively, can bring loss, say, when you decide to sell the property anyway, much below its original value. Knowing Saturn is on his way out, if you need to sell property and can wait, put the house back on the market after December 24 of this year when Saturn will have left Scorpio.
There are so many ways Saturn may (or will) affect you. When we have a Saturn transit, we learn the value of sacrifice to achieve a large, long-term goal, so for part of that period you may have voluntarily gone through a stringent period of saving to afford a down payment on your new home, or to make a needed renovation or series of repairs. This planet teaches that nothing in life comes free and that we appreciate what we work hardest to achieve.
If you are moving to a new city and hope to lease a space, with Saturn in this house you would likely find only small, dark apartments to choose from—ones that you felt were overpriced. Saturn can bring frustrations like that too. Again, after December 24 you won't have this problem any longer, so maybe you'd want to sign a short lease and move again later if necessary.
Saturn may not have affected you in terms of property, but rather in terms of responsibility for the care of a beloved parent or other older relative who needed your assistance.

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