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What does the 2016 horoscopes has in store for you

January Horoscope 2016

Aries January HoroscopeAries January Horoscope 2014
At the very start of 2014 you could be mixing with someone or some people who seem aloof and haughty. You can’t help wondering how you managed to get caught up in this kind of situation.  However, as the weeks wear on you will get to know people better. You will realise you formed judgements too quickly and some could even become valuable friends.

Taurus January HoroscopeTaurus January Horoscope 2014
The Sun at the top of your chart at the start of the year suggests that once the New Year celebrations are over you will be working energetically towards your main aims. Venus in your 9th house draws attention during the latter half of the month, you might be travelling some distance away. Or planning a long journey with a loved one.

Gemini January HoroscopeGemini January Horoscope 2014
As a Gemini you really won't mind giving your help to someone who needs it. Later in January you may have to rely on your innate charm, charisma and verbal skills to help someone out of a dilemma they have got themselves into. You could actually find this is both amusing and a lot of fun.

Cancer January HoroscopeCancer January Horoscope 2014
Be patient in your closest relationships. Yes it will be quite a strain to persuade your partner or another loved-one to agree to some financial changes which you feel are necessary.  Keep trying.  Eventually they will understand your way of thinking.

Leo January HoroscopeLeo January Horoscope 2014

As the year begins you will be sure to make the most of a pleasant few days when there are no demands expected of you and you can do what you like. Romance is in the air this January with emphasis on partnerships and one-to-one relationships.

Virgo January HoroscopeVirgo January Horoscope 2014
An important meeting might take place as the year begins and this could make a lot of difference to your professional or personal life in the future. Someone close wants to discuss important matters but you feel their timing isn’t right. You aren’t ignoring the issue you would just prefer to wait until a time when you can focus on these in private.

Libra January HoroscopeLibra January Horoscope 2014

This is a time when you'll be putting other peoples' needs before your own.  Some plans regarding your long-term aims seem to be a long way from realisation but just think: you have a whole year ahead of you in which to see the realisation of your dreams.

Scorpio January HoroscopeScorpio January Horoscope 2014
Don’t worry if your work or family responsibilities fall slightly behind at the start of the year. Your main aim should be your friendships and working towards your own aims.

Sagittarius January HoroscopeSagittarius January Horoscope 2014
Concentrate on your social agenda as 2014 begins. Career affairs may not run as well as normal and it might take a while before everyone gets back into the swing of their normal routines. So instead of attempting to solve professional problems wait until nearer the end of the month. Otherwise the harder you try at the start of January, the worse these difficulties might seem to get!

Capricorn January HoroscopeCapricorn January Horoscope 2014

There’s some lovely moments predicted that are very special and private early in the month. These will be shared with your one-and-only. The end of the month could be a time when you will be announcing long-term joint plans to the world.

Aquarius January HoroscopeAquarius January Horoscope 2014

The Sun and Mercury  in your sign provides you with the energy and enthusiasm to put into your long-term aims. You absolutely promise yourself, this year, that you will keep to your New Year Resolutions. Will this come about? – Time will tell!

Pisces January HoroscopePisces January Horoscope 2014

Although catching up with work that did not get done in late December will occupy much of your time early in the year, it won’t be long before normal routine can be resumed.