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Capricorn 2016 Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Capricorn - Major Trends in 2016

What kind of Capricornus are you? The nimble Mountain Goat, clambering relentlessly to the top of craggy peaks (or any convenient heap)? or the mysterious fishy-tailed Sea Goat? In 2016 you get to play both roles. The presence of Jupiter in your opposite sign of oceanic Cancer in the first part of the year should certainly wag your fishiest tail.

You have just come through a very rough two years. Three powerful long-term planets were arrayed against you and there were times when 60 per cent (and sometimes 70 per cent) of the planets were in stressful alignment. Your mettle was tested. You were pushed to the limit. Not everyone came through this, but if you’re reading this you did. Give yourself a pat on the back. This was an achievement. Much of the stress came from instability within the family. There were many dramatic events in the lives of family members. The family unit could have broken up, or come near breaking up; even now it is held together with ‘string and chewing gum’ – very tenuous and delicate bonds. If you are typical of your sign you prefer stability to change; you like to know where you are and where things are leading to. This can be unnerving at times and it will certainly make you feel unsettled and uncertain.The problem is, Uranus in your 4th house can be the cause of sudden disruptions and unforeseen changes in the home and family circle. You will learn to endure these and thankfully, by nature you have a lot of patience. This pattern can continue for some time but you will find your own way to cope with these trends.

With Neptune in your 3rd house you are likely to want to dig deeper into the areas of intellectual study and you might also find yourself taking a serious interest in mystical and supernatural phenomena. Your practical mind makes you an ideal candidate if you’re thinking about volunteering to help societies that do serious research in these areas.

Much stress came, curiously, from your success. In many cases, Capricorn, you were at the pinnacle of achievement, so you stood out like a target. The person on top is always the natural target. You had to deal with a lot of flak from underlings and competitors. Being on top is not all that it’s made out to be. Not being on top has its challenges, but being on top has perhaps greater challenges. Every decision was scrutinized and criticized. In many cases, you were on top, but you aspired to be and this created tensions. You had to be reminded, sometimes dramatically, of your true status.

Love and mariage is the main headline this year. This has been the case ever since Jupiter moved into your 7th house of love in June 26 2013. This not only brings romance, the arrival of a swell new partner or the departure of an old one and possibly marriage, but an expansion of the whole social life, the whole social sphere. And, if you are truly a couple, the chance of forging forwards together in rewarding harmony. Since Jupiter’s underlying principle is liberty, whatever furthers your freedom is the issue. Since Jupiter is in Cancer, it’s an emotional matter, not one to be solved by your strategic mind. You have to become the Sea - Goat and swim. Your ‘other half’ sign of Cancer is a reminder that Capricorn’s tendency to amass material security is often compensation for emotional insecurity – here, your formative years in a Dickensian orphanage/repressed suburban home likely play a part – and it’s that very security that’s central to 2016’s quest. Watery characters – nourishing to Capricorn’s earth - play a persistent role in 2016 – people with their Sun (or other prominent planets) in Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, and the months of those signs are relationship hotspots, romantically or otherwise. Your timetable in the first half of the year is complex, however.

Your undisputed ruler, Saturn, established in the sign of Scorpio, lines up cannily with home sign planets in January - Carpus Diem! In watery Scorpio, Saturn presents a more amenable proposition than in the last couple of years. At work, you are asked to be team-builder and group member rather than solo overlord, though you will doubtless still be boss or thereabouts. By way of illustration, uber-Goat Ed Milliband (b. 24.12.69) needs a convincing shadow cabinet to back up his personal authority as Labour Party supremo. Saturn’s smiles upon the opening six weeks of 2016 for business initiatives. Its backslide between 2 March to 20 July, is not adverse, just slower; the ringed planet helps you make material, political and professional progress with a minimum of fuss.

Pluto, on its slow-slow transit of your sign, now breaks new ground, inviting birthdays between January 3 and January 6 into its secretive, some say spooky embrace. Pluto is an agent of transformation, sometimes bestowing power and money, along with the corruption that swirls around them. Sometimes the transformation is inward – the ‘soul evolution’ school of astrology is keen on the latter. Either way it adds to your clout. Pluto has been in your own sign since 2008. And so you are in process of reinventing yourself, giving birth to the ‘you’ that you really want to be. This trend is continuing this year and for many more years. You’re the classic type- A personality who finds it challenging to relax. You’re constantly moving, doing, your mind focused on several tasks at once. You’re the one who usually assumes full responsibility for anything and everything at work. You may find it difficult to delegate. You are the leader everyone turns to for answers and guidance. During Pluto’s transit of your sign, just about everything in your life will undergo a profound transformation. It won’t all happen at once. It’s not as if you’ll wake up one morning and find yourself inside a Stephen King novel. But when, in 2024, you look back, you might not recognize the life you’re living now. Possibilities? Your career path could change. You might go to graduate school for an advanced degree in an area about which you feel passionate. You could live abroad, join an ashram, get married or divorced, or start a family. You could inherit money, earn a fortune, or lose a fortune. You could build a home, buy a home, land the job of your dreams. What you experience during this transit will depend on what you’ve been doing with your life up until now. Here are several tools that will prove invaluable during this transit: cultivate a positive attitude; live in the now; be grateful and express that gratitude whenever and wherever you can; reach for what you desire with the trust and faith that you will attain it. Books that will help you do this include anything by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Another great navigational tool is to probe into any meaningful coincidence you experience. What’s the message? Meaningful coincidences or synchronicities often hold messages about guidance.

Your most important interests in the year ahead are the body, the image and personal pleasure; communication and intellectual interests; home and family; love and romance (until July 16); sex, personal transformation and reinvention, occult interests, death and rebirth, life after death (after July 16); friends, groups, group activities and organizations.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are love and romance (until July 16); sex, personal transformation and reinvention, occult interests, death and rebirth, life after death (after July 16); and friends, groups, group activities and organizations. As always, Capricorn will find a way to stay Top Goat.