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Cancer 2016 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope 2016

2016 Horoscope Cancer - Major Trends in 2016

As Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac it is also Cardinal, making you emotional but dynamic. The other two water signs are as emotional as yourself but Fixed (intense) in Scorpio’s case, and Mutable (adaptable) in Pisces’ case; both play a major role in 2016, helping you stabilise your love life and your creative drive. Indeed, the major task set you in 2016 is to understand your heart and, perhaps, to retune its strings. The zodiac’s four Cardinal signs mark the two solstices and equinoxes – the longest and shortest days and the two halfway points, and in 2016 these four points of the cosmic clock usher in distinct seasons of your year. The winter solstice of December makes relationships your first call of the New Year. The spring equinox puts a rocket under career prospects, while the summer solstice opens an inspirational birthday month. Much changes then. The Autumn Equinox heralds a more inward-reaching scenario as Saturn puts all matters of the heart under examination, a process made easier by the auspicious presence of visionary Jupiter in your skies for the first part of the year. Propitious times indeed.

You have come through two very rough years. You were ‘paying your dues’, getting tougher and stronger; everything you got was earned by the sweat of your brow. In 2016 you start to see the rewards of your efforts and hard work. It will seem to you that you have become lucky, but the truth is that you are merely harvesting the seeds planted in the past two years. Many of you have high aspirations, and this is good. But in order to achieve these aspirations, the spiritual and mental muscles needed to be developed. The reflexes had to be trained – hence the reason for the difficult period. No one would expect to run in the Olympics without training, and this was what you were going through.

Horoscope 2016 Cancer: Radical Restructuring in 2016 (The influence of transiting Uranus square Pluto):
2016 will encourage great achievements in every respect, and you will feel in the firing line of a series of situations, which may radically change your life. So you may think of this fateful 2016 as the end of a world which is no longer in tune with your nature; be ready to enter a much broader universe, full of stimuli, which will finally give back to your life the colours and joys you have missed for so long. Obviously, this process will develop gradually, but will not pass unnoticed, prompting you to take actions and expose yourself to situations you have never imagined before. You want to be the undisputed protagonist of your choices, preventing others from deciding for you or forcing you to do things that don’t suit you or your ideas. Perhaps people around you will say that you have a bad character, that you are unreliable, childlike and moody as ever, but these adjectives to which you are accustomed will not hurt you any longer. Actually, this year you are firmly bent on distinguishing yourself, overturning old rules and habits, questioning everything that will turn into an obstacle for your self-fulfilment, both in your professional and emotional sphere. In actual fact, you will feel the urge to redesign your life, to get free of monotonous habits, which hold you to a past that will never come back. Of course, in certain moments, you might be overwhelmed by a longing for someone or something; try to turn it into a positive and calm feeling, in order to accept and overcome the reasons for your bad mood. This will lead you to recover your peace of mind and discover a new path for your personal growth, the beginning of a new life, which is more focused on yourself and your needs, without the risk of becoming cold or selfish.

2016 Cancer Horoscope: Optimism and Expansion in 2016 (The influence of transiting Jupiter):
Jupiter has moved into Cancer on June 26 2013, and you see the inner growth manifest itself tangibly. Others will see it too. With Jupiter in your sign between January and July 16, you might think you are one of the lucky ones, this year as you aren’t feeling the difficulties and hardships of life as badly as those around you. This doesn’t mean life will be easy. There will be days when you will feel exhausted but life will offer you pleasurable opportunities in other areas that can help make up for any frustration to do with your job. Jupiter’s influence can help broaden your horizons and widen your sphere of interests and activities. If you are studying or training for a future career, you are likely to see pleasing progress providing you are willing to work hard for results. So remember: put in the effort and a successful outcome is almost certain to crown these efforts. It’s a good year to do all you can to develop your natural talents and to keep an eye out for when you can use these to your best advantage. It will also be advisable to keep a tight control on expenditure to avoid wasting money as can often happen while Jupiter journeys through your sign. Since Jupiter has a reputation as a lucky planet, not least with money, extra cash may be part of the scenario, though Jupiter’s links with Saturn suggest it’s earned rather than ‘free’. Jupiter’s other roles include that of teacher and adventurer, making overseas jaunts an unexpected possibility, and promising favours to those of you in education.

Because the obstructions that have been hindering you are taken away, and your muscles are stronger, you should see rapid progress to your goals. It will be a successful year ahead, prosperous too, from July 16 onwards. It is unlikely though that you will suffer greatly when it comes to finances as during the latter half of the year, Jupiter will be in your income zone. This will have the undeniably pleasing effect of you always seeming to find the cash you need when you need it. You will have your lucky moments, financially speaking, but don’t ever assume this is the norm.

Horoscope 2016 Cancer: Radical Changes in 2016 (The influence of transiting Uranus)
There are dramatic job and career changes this year. But since these things happen suddenly, there could be some stress involved. Ever since Uranus moved into your 10th house of career in 2011, your career has been unstable. There have been changes already and will be many more to come. Cancerians are small c’ conservative creatures, but with the cutting edge planet Prometheus/Uranus so dominant in your career zone in 2016, a radical rethink may be imposed on you. Since Prometheus equals cutting edge technology, the digital realm – internet, TV and the like – may have a new role in your work.

Horoscope 2016 Cancer: Deep Transformations in 2016 (The influence of transiting Pluto)
Gentle Cancer, life for you is a subjective dream, in which nearly everything you experience is filtered through your emotions and intuition. It isn’t that you’re a solipsist. You really don’t believe you’re the center of the universe. But when you experience something, your emotions and intuition act as your barometers of how true or genuine the experience is. During Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, your opposite sign, you may have to revamp your attitude about relationships and power issues. You’ll have to change your MO! Instead of trying to push other people to act in ways that don’t suit them, against which they resist, you’ll learn to back off and let things take their own course. You’ll learn that each of us has our own barometers to measure our individual experiences, and that each of us must find our own path. If, during this transit, you realize that someone else is trying to manipulate you in some way, then perhaps you have emitted a signal that attracts that experience. Life is about vibration and frequency, and if your signal attracts what you don’t want, then you’ll have to change the signal. You’re extremely ambitious during this transit and can achieve just about anything you reach for if you can avoid opposition from people in authority. And this means any authority—from the government to a boss, partner, parent, or anyone else who tries to manipulate or cajole you into doing something that you feel isn’t right for you or is flat-out wrong. Your intuition will deepen considerably during this transit. Listen to that inner voice. Heed its guidance. Meaningful coincidence will proliferate during this transit, but only if you recognize the phenomenon isn’t random, that there’s an underlying order in the universe that can be your greatest ally.

During 2016 you are likely to develop a greater understanding of people with unconventional and unusual outlooks on life. Romantic relationships and close friendships will either bring you enormous pleasure, or at times, great pain. There is a degree of unpredictability concerning your involvements with others which on the one hand can be exciting but on the other, unnerving.

Cancer 2016 Horoscope: Tests and Responsibilities in 2016 (The influence of transiting Saturn):
Saturn in your house of pleasure will see you working seriously on creative and artistic ventures with a definite goal in your mind. It may even be that someone or some people are willing to pay you generously for your skills. In which case don’t undersell yourself as you are inclined to do and don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Spirituality, Idealism and Creativity in 2016 (The influence of transiting Neptune):
With Neptune in your 9th house you could be determined to delve deeper into the depths of mental discovery by taking a further educational course on a subject that has always interested you. Cancer you should take the opportunity to study new areas in which you are sure you will shine if given the chance.

Health will be good in 2016. If there have been problems you will hear good news about them. In 2016, you should pay more attention to little troubles and not underestimate them; actually, they risk becoming chronic, and so more serious and difficult to manage. In principle, you will be fit and enjoy a good mental and physical energy, which will allow you to recover easily from any seasonal illness. Don’t exaggerate any banal cold; conversely, don’t bury your head in the sand if you experience strange symptoms, which are different from usual. For you, prevention gives the best results.

Your most important interests in 2016 are: the image and personal pleasures (until July 16); finances (from July 16 onwards); children, creativity and leisure; love and romance; religion, metaphysics, higher education and foreign travel; career.

Your paths of fulfilment in the coming year are the image and personal pleasures (until July 16); finances (from July 16 onwards); children, creativity and leisure.

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