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Cancer Money Horoscope 2016

Dear Cancer, it has been a very long time since you have had an outlook for a year this bright! The first half of the year will set the tone, not only for the rest of the year but for more than ten years to come. You are starting a new chapter in life, and it could not be more exciting. Most years bring specific areas of gain, but in your wonder year, with Jupiter spoiling you on many fronts, you will have opportunities to find and grow your financial life, make significant gains, improve your living situation, and travel far and wide.
The second half of the year will be a time of enormous financial reward. Jupiter in Leo will favor you, so Jupiter will help you turn any situation to your advantage. Truly, the time between July 17, 2016 and December 31, 2016 should be one of the most lucrative periods for earnings in your life.
Don't run in too many directions, for it will be important to focus your attention on the opportunities that matter most to you and that have the greatest potential for long-term gain. Take nothing for granted—you won't always have aspects this spectacular—but while you do, you should use them to your full advantage.

You could be glad of the opportunity to use your creative skills and imagination in your work. It should be a pleasure to be able to make money out of your talents and to do jobs that you find enjoyable.

Hard work that you have been doing in 2013 and continue to do will bring financial rewards and with Neptune in your 9th house, a travel wish looks like being granted this year.

Travel in the First Half When the World Will Be Your Oyster
Your curiosity about the world outside your door will grow, and it appears you will travel far and wide in 2012, for Jupiter will encourage you to do so. At least one important trip will likely be on your agenda, one that you would long remember, as it could be to an exotic foreign country that you've never seen.
Look into bargain travel packages, even if you think it's next to impossible to go. Jupiter will encourage you to think big and adventurously, but also help you find a practical way to actually take the trip you crave—that is the magic of Jupiter.
You will get a great opportunity to travel during the time Mars visits your ninth house of travel, December 5 to December 31, 2016. Mark it down!

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