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Cancer Love Horoscope 2016

If relationships have been harmonious for some time, this could be disturbed slightly while Saturn travels through your house of romance at the same time as Pluto is in your house of partnerships. This all brings an unpredictable element to your closest relationships. You might also see quite a change in your leisure and spare time activities during 2016. There will be good moments and there will be the not-so-good.

Exciting developments will transport you straight to cloud nine at times but at other times abrupt endings or changes in your closest relationships could leave you feeling suddenly alone or down in the dumps. This will have an impact on your personality too making you behave in a contrary, rebellious or flirtatious manner during those times when you feel more carefree but with a tendency to hide behind closed doors when you are feeling low.

With Jupiter in your sign for the first half of the year, your popularity ratings will be high. You will be meeting many exciting new people from all walks of life. Your social life will be expanding as you come into contact with those who interest and amuse you. Just be careful that you don’t get too carried away with all that is going on in these areas to the determinant of others. It would be very easy to become overly involved in voluntary and community activities to the detriment of your longer term career and personal plans.

Saturn's "let's get down to business" effect on your love life may be a welcome change to your romantic life. You will think more seriously about what you want to achieve in your private life, and if you want marriage, children, the house, and all the things that come with a grown up relationship, your actions and demeanor will transmit this new attitude. If you've been dating casually, you will be less likely to spend a lot of time with someone who won't be able to match your renewed sense of purpose.
If you have been dating seriously but without a timetable of what comes next, that will change. A breakup could occur if you've been frustrated with the pacing, and your partner cannot match your new sense of purpose. Saturn rules, among other things, time, and often when we host Saturn in a new part of the chart, we become more cognizant of the preciousness of time. Hopefully, your partner will be able to understand this need in you to make more of the relationship.
This is not to say that you will act in a desperate manner that is completely unreasonable or out of sync with your partner—not at all. Saturn is prudent, wise, and patient, but will expect to see certain things materialize within a period that seems reasonable. The easiest way to explain Saturn is to say that Saturn is the voice of a wise authority figure. If you had a good relationship with your father or mother, what advice would they give you?
This year, remarkably, Saturn will set up a fine and very powerful friendship with Pluto called a mutual reception. This happens when Pluto is in the sign that Saturn rules (Capricorn) and Saturn is found in the sign that Pluto rules (Scorpio). This will  continue until September 5, 2015. (The last time this happened was in late 1776-1778!) Saturn will act like Pluto's best friend (and vice versa) to help you make an important pact with the person with whom you fall in love. This bodes so well for things leading from the first blush of love to marriage, for in astrology we view marriage as a contract, as does the law.
Saturn does have a proclivity to create obstacles to reveal intent, so if you are dating, you may meet someone based in another city who, for instance, is currently in medical school and mostly unavailable or still pining over a past love. It will be up to you to know if the person you meet is worthy of the sacrifices you may need to make in the coming three years. If love is real, you will be willing to make those sacrifices, and if not, you will move on. It's Saturn's way of helping you to build a firm foundation for your future emotional life. Trust in his methods.

Venus retrograde in Capricorn (January 1 - January 31, 2016) would not be the time to make any changes to your appearance, so do not schedule any radical change in the way you wear your hair, and certainly do not schedule plastic surgery. It is not the time to have an expensive party or to get engaged.
If you are about to get married during this Venus retrograde phase, you might consider having a secret marriage at City Hall before this phase begins, say, on the luckiest days of the year. You need never celebrate the City Hall wedding day, but rather the day when all your friends and family surrounded you on what they thought was the real wedding day. By marrying earlier and avoiding Mars retrograde (March 1 to May 20), Venus retrograde (January 1 to January 31), and Mercury retrograde (February 6 to February 28, June 7 to July 1, October 4 to October 25), you will set the DNA of your marriage to be the best it can be.

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